Looks by Lenna

Fashion Concierge for the DMV

Lenna vs Elena

Looks by Lenna... even though my name is Elena.  The story behind that...... 

Growing up, my name was never pronounced correctly. I was called. E-Lay-Nuh for most of my life.  I know this would have bothered my mother to high heaven.  I never corrected people, and just kept the name.  It wasn't until college that I felt I could really become who I wanted to.  

I started correcting people, and explaining how it was to be pronounced... Uh-Len-Uh.  It wasn't E-Len-Uh, or Ellen-uh, or Elayna anymore..  Again, it was kinda hard for people, so I asked for people to call me Len for short.  I went by Len for about 2 years by some, and others would just call me Lenna, without the first syllable.  I was also called Boofy. this name is all thanks to my wonderful curly BIG hair I had.  It was the late 90's... I had no idea how to control my hair! As my mom use to say.. it looked like I stuck my finger in an electrical socket. Thanks Mom.

Years down the road, I answer to every name under the sun as it has different meanings to me dependent on the person.  The day I wanted to start my own makeup gig, I tried rhyming everything with Elena... and I hated the " Makeup by *insert name here*".  That's when Lenna came to play... and Looks by Lenna was the winner.  

Looks by Lenna is everything about me and what I want to do.  I want to help create looks for everyone; be it makeup, eyelashes, fashion clothes, hair products, or even advice on what they should and should not wear, do, use.    I hope you enjoy this site, and all the advice I have to offer.  

xoxo - Lenna