Looks by Lenna

Fashion Concierge for the DMV


About Elena

For nearly a decade, Elena Francis has illuminated clients across the U.S. as a licensed aesthetician, makeup artist and style consultant.

Cultivating her craft at high-end salons, she received her mentorship from a leading TIGI National Makeup Artist before breaking out on her own in the fashion field.  As an expert in skin care and makeup application, Elena is passionate about building her clients self-esteem, confidence and providing them flawless looks for their red-carpet nights, runway shows and photography sessions. This desire has helped her thrive as a personal makeup artist, incorporating both the methods to retain flawless skin, as well as the art of makeup in her consultations.  

She began her craft in the fashion capital of the world -  Los Angeles – where she served as an assistant and make-up artist for Stephen J. Cannell Productions. There she serviced many clients at red carpet events and worked with established actors and actresses.

Today she resides in Washington D.C. where she specializes in weddings, educations and special events make up artistry. Additionally, she consults with clients of all ages and professions on the basics of makeup application, sharing her secret tricks of the trade and encouraging clients to recreate each look on their own.  Her unique style and creativity is applied to every client and tailored to their comfort level.  Each session is designed to reflect their spirit and illuminate their beauty.

Elena has broken the mold and her years behind the runway scenes sparked a new passion – personal styling and style consultation for both men and women. Her clients now receive the full package aiding their professional lives.  Her everyday wardrobe fashion advice -  from educating people on how to dress for interviews, to styling for special events – has left many of clients coming back for more.  Elena resides in Washington, D.C. and is available for both domestic and international client travel – where her Chihuahua “Carlos” often likes to tag along.