Looks by Lenna

Fashion Concierge for the DMV

Ready to Recharge your Closet and your Look? 

As your personal stylist, I will be committed to creating the best look for you! Together we will customize looks that you will feel comfortable in while revamping your look.  Each client will experience hands on consulting and shopping.  During this process, we will find your personal style and create a closet filled with fashion.  I will become your go to girl, and your help when you need it.  



First and foremost, I will need to sit down and chat with you, via phone, email , Skype or whatever else is out there.  We will go over what you are going through, and what you are wanting to change.  During this time, we will discuss budget, and your do's and dont's that make you feel good or not too good.  Getting to know you and having you trust and confidence in me, are key points for the fashion to work.  


Closet Recharge  

Looking through your closet, and not sure what needs to go and what should stay?  There are always key pieces to keep, that will never go out of style, and there are pieces that have long lost their trend.  I will help you clear through your closet, and piece together outfits that you never knew you had.  


Personal Stylist / Buyer

As your personal stylist and or buyer, I will be your personal shopper, and make your life easier Don't have enough time to go out and buy that special outfit, or not enough time to scroll through endless sites to find one?  I will take the task off your hands, and have you looking and feeling great.  


Virtual Styling

Not local, but want help? Through email, chat or any social media, we will be able to connect and get your fashion troubles taken care of.  With Virtual styling, I will create style boards for you with the latest trends that are from shops or boutiques near you.  This way, you can order online, or go out and get in your area.